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Relieve Stress - Knit something!: Home

What is Yarn bombing?

It's a little bit renegade and a little bit grandma. From the book, "Yarn Bombing", yarn bombing is defined as merging "the disciplines of installation art, needlework, and street art, yarn bombing takes many forms. It generally involves the act of attaching a handmade item to a street fixture" 

Can knitting really relieve my stress?

Here's what the research says!

"Knitting" - an article from The Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges discusses how knitting helped one doctor relieve stress, and how it can help combat dementia.

"The neurological basis of occupation" - Discusses the "flow" state in relation to gratifying experiences, like knitting.

"The benefits of knitting for personal and social wellbeing in adulthood: Findings from an international survey" - This study aimed to identify the benefits of knitting for individuals' personal and social wellbeing as a prerequisite to investigating its therapeutic use.

"Made by Hand" - a book by Mark Frauenfelder mentions a brief experiment where a person's heart rate dropped almost immediately after beginning to knit

Stress management books

For more great books, check out our list of time & stress management books.

Yarn bomb the Library!

Monday - Thursday of Finals Week!
2 - 3 pm, Albertsons Library
Starbucks glass wall,
where door used to be

Are you a knitter? Want to share your love of knitting with others? Maybe you're not a knitter, but inexplicably inherited a relative's knitting stash. Want to learn to knit? Perfect, let's yarn bomb the library and relieve some stress! 


EVERYONE is welcome!
Drop-ins and ALL skill levels, supplies provided. 
Help add to the collaboratively knit piece hanging on the circulation desk. Want to knit on your own time? Borrow needles and yarn to keep the stress relief going all week, just return them before Friday of finals week!

Learn to knit!

Knitting diagrams - Just enough to get you started with casting on, knit and purl stitches, and casting off. 

Below, are a few videos from a series on basic knitting. They will show you how to hold your needles, how to get started (casting on), how to knit (knit stitch), and how to finish (casting off). See them all here

Don't know where to start?

Here are some basics to get started with. 

Don't have time to knit? You can help by making pom poms! They only take 5 minutes each. 

The following patterns are for squares, but you could also knit a rectangle. 

Basic pattern for a square.


Basic pattern with decorative edging

Knitting on the Web