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The purpose of this webinar will be to share and discuss highlights regarding our support of mobile learning initiatives, best practices, lessons learned, and ideas for the future with librarians and libraries around the globe.

Webinar Program

Thank you for your interest in the upcoming webinar hosted by Boise State University Albertsons Library. The Mobile Learning Initiative at the university has led to changes in the way we meet the needs of the campus community.

This event, the Mobile Learning at the Library, will focus on the recent efforts that librarians and staff at Albertsons Library have led in order to meet the needs of a mobile, and ever changing, world.

Learning was transformed at the Boise State University campus when faculty and students began acquiring mobile devices. The library responded to this transformation by being a leader on campus, developing mobile websites for both the library and the university, expanding wireless connectivity within the library, providing instruction using mobile devices, acting as embedded librarians within mobile learning courses, and through the addition of collections that focused on user-driven acquisitions. You will learn about our best practices, lessons learned, and ideas for the future. Join librarians and libraries around the globe for this intimate conversation about mobile learning and the transformational value on libraries.

There is no expense for attending this webinar, however, space may be limited. Please secure your free registration by emailing Amy Vecchione at

Mobile Learning at the Library

Time    Topic Presenter
9:30 am MT   Sound check & equipment testing
10:00am MT    Welcome and Introduction to the Mobile Learning Initiative at Boise State University and Albertsons Library Amy Vecchione
10:15am MT Mobile Learning: Library Instruction, Faculty Support, and Services: In this session you will learn about how the library has collaborated with faculty and staff across campus to bolster mobile learning programs. By teaching with mobile devices, acquiring mobile friendly collections, designing a mobile friendly website, and supporting faculty initiatives, librarians at Albertsons Library have been a vital aspect of the Mobile Learning Initiative.   Carrie Moore and Amy Vecchione
10:45am MT   

Improving the Library Infrastructure: In this session you'll learn about improving the wireless throughout the Albertsons Library, managing devices for checkout, our charger check out system, 

Bill English
11:15am MT   

Group Discussion

Moderated by Albertsons Library